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House is SOLD!

Well, we actually waded through our 8 acres of stuff, made 14 trips to the local dump, sold everything that was worth anything, and now the house is finally SOLD! It was an incredibly stressful 6 months, but we managed to come out the other side, and now we are living in a rental house - a little cabin perched 25 feet from the river. The hardest part was just getting rid of everything, as when you have multiple acres of land you tend to acquire many things, including, but not limited to: large bulldozer, tractor, 2 vehicle trailers, 2 Suzukis, 1 old Land Rover, 1 VW Jetta, Large Generac Generator, 2 old Tractors, Antique Manure Spreader, 3 riding lawn mowers, fuel tanks, water tanks, solar panels, and 2 vehicle engines.

We also had to re-home 5 cats, 2 dogs, 3 chickens, and 2 ducks, which was very hard for me, I have to admit. Contrary to what we had heard through the grapevine, we found incredibly wonderful people through Craig's List who took our animals in - I am so grateful to all of them for giving my babies great homes! I still follow some of the new owners on Facebook so that I can see how they are doing!

There is still a lot of downsizing to do, as we seem to still have too much "stuff" for our little rental cabin and garage. We are also going to be doing a lot of work on Reggie to make sure that he is ready for our journey - Tim put up a big canopy over Reggie's parking space in the driveway so that at least he won't be rained on. Jack, our older Golden Retriever, is living with us at the cabin, as he is going to retire with my parents down in Arizona when we leave.

Our social media presence needs a lot of work, as well, so we are going to get back to posting videos on our YouTube channel, pictures on our Instagram account, and entries on our Facebook page, as well as doing an overhaul on our website, so stay tuned! With the sale of the house it has finally hit home that we are really going to do this, and every day we get more excited. Sending you all a little bit of friendship and happiness, and we sincerely hope that you TRULY LIVE YOUR LIFE, AND LIVE YOUR LIFE TRULY!

Tim, Shannon, Reggie, Duckie

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