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We're Almost There!!

Sorry about the long wait in between blog posts - we are finally finding time to actively work on our website! A lot has happened since we last talked: we finished what we wanted to change on Reggie, deep-cleaned him, and dropped him off with Oceans International Shipping. We now have confirmation that Reggie made it through US customs and on board the Gerda Maersk. Right now the ship is headed for Russia (Reggie will see Russia before we do!), but ultimately it will land in Brisbane, Australia, on 10 July. We have also booked our one-way plane tickets to Brisbane, leaving Los Angeles on 6 July and arriving in Brisbane on 8 July. It's all coming together! We're still working on the Carnet for Australia, as we had to include certain information that we did not yet have, like the container number and our arrival date, but it is very exciting to have some real progress. *Please be patient with us as we work hard on our website, especially since a button or two may not work properly, but we are trying to get some photo galleries and slideshows up so that you can see everything we've done in and for Reggie up until now. :o)

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