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Still waiting for Reggie...

We have been in Brisbane for a little over a week now, and while we love it here, we are getting a little antsy to get on the road! We heard last week that Reggie was through Customs, but was scheduled to be unpacked by Quarantine last Friday. We are going to check back with the shipping company tomorrow to see if there is any news, as our last day in the motel is currently Weds morning, and we'll need to extend again if Reggie isn't ready by then.

Like we said, we have really enjoyed waiting for Reggie in Brisbane, more specifically in the little waterfront suburb of Wynnum. We are staying in a little motel called the Wynnum Anchor Motel, which is located about 1/2 block from the waterfront. The owners, Sam and Julia, are the kindest and most amazing people - we are so fortunate to have picked this motel. Our room has a little kitchenette, so we are able to purchase food and eat in our room, instead of eating out all the time. The motel also has laundry facilities, a pool, and a little shop where you can purchase laundry detergent, wine, beer, chips, and other sundries. They even have books you can borrow if you need a read! And they let us borrow a can opener instead of having to buy another one, since we already have one packed in Reggie. :o)

So far we have been most fascinated by the wildlife, especially the birds. We love listening to them call and sing - they make the craziest sounds! There is one bird that sounds eerily like a cat, and the kookaburras sound like crazed monkeys - they make for a crazy alarm clock in the mornings! We also love the various types of trees that we find here - they look a bit like large Dr. Seuss creations. We take long walks every day, along the waterfront, or through the parks, or to other Brisbane suburbs that we need to visit.

Love, Tim, Shannon and Duckie

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