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If you have been following us on Facebook or Instagram you know that we are now on the road, and have been for about 3 weeks. The problem with keeping the website updated is that we have extremely limited access to WiFi, especially WiFi strong enough to upload videos and work comfortably, so we have to work on that part of our social media. The other issue is that we have no cell service in the areas that we are driving through, so we can't google ahead to see where we can get WiFi - haha!

Other than that things are going swimmingly, and we are settling into a good routine as far as setting up/taking down camp, and packing/living in a vehicle. Funnily enough we are finding that what looks very far on the map actually isn't that far, in driving times. Today we took a road that Hema said would take us 11 hours, and it only took 3.5 hours, so we are actually making good time without resorting to driving long hours or driving in the dark.

We are still getting into the swing of finding free camping, but so far we've done pretty well. Some of the prettiest camps so far have been at free sites, which is interesting, and now that we are farther out, they aren't crowded at all. Australia has been nice because even at a lot of free camp sites there will be some type of toilet, and garbage bins, which is really cool.

My favorite part of being out away from cities is the abundance of wildlife. I bought a little flora/fauna book in Brisbane, and I've been annotating first sightings of each book entry. It is very satisfying to spot a new bird or animal and mark it off in the book. Our latest sightings were: freshwater crocodiles, Brolga cranes, and a red-combed Jacama. I am very careful when walking around - I continually look 360 degrees around me, and wait patiently before moving to make sure I'm not going to be stepping on anything or into danger.

We are currently in Burketown and are heading to Darwin, where we will probably spend a few days before heading back out. We would like to catch the wildflower season on the west coast, as well as the Offroad show in Perth in November. Thanks for being patient with us as we figure this technology thing out. :o)

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