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Back in "Civilization"!

     After about 10 days traveling the Gibb River Road, and visiting Mitchell River National Park, we are now in Broome, where we have cell signal!  Finding free wifi here (and in Derby) was a bit more difficult, but we were finally able to connect our devices inside the local Target store, and so we thought we'd share a blog post.

     We had an absolutely wonderful time on the Gibb River Road, and during our detour up to Michell Falls. It was heaven camping in the bush almost the whole time, taking long hikes, and spotting lots of wildlife. We actually made it through the horrendous roads without getting a flat tire, or breaking anything major - we just found at the end that our tire carrier had buckled under the bouncing strain, but that is fixed now.

     From Broome we are headed up to Cape Leveque, and to explore the surrounding area. Hopefully we will be able to see the Snubfin dolphin, which only lives in Roebuck Bay, and other oceanic wildlife! Tonight we are taking advantage of the oldest open-air cinema here in Broome to see a movie - our first in a movie theatre in about 4 months 😂. 

     Thanks for following us on our adventures - we greatly appreciate it! Check out our main Instagram account @planet_overland, and our Facebook page "Reggie Rover".

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